Prevent, Teach, Reinforce (PTR) Program for Challenging Behavior


The PTR model started as a Federally funded randomized, controlled trial designed to investigate the effectiveness of a simple, prescriptive intervention process (PTR) used by classroom teachers and instructional assistants to support students with problem behaviors. Outcomes associated with the initial PTR study can be found by clicking here.

The Model

The PTR model is a five-step process based on the Positive Behavior Support process. It is an individualized intervention that takes a team through a problem-solving process that facilitates understanding the function of a student's behavior and developing a intervention package that focuses on Prevention, Teaching new skills and Reinforcement of appropriate behaviors. Each PTR support plan includes at least one prevention intervention, one teaching intervention, and one reinforcement intervention. Additionally, PTR staff members provide technical assistance to the student's team to support accurate implementation of interventions and systematic data collection on challenging behaviors and the acquisition of new skills.


The PELE Center is currently available to work with districts on the replication and implementation of the PTR Model for preschool and elementary school age children with and without disabilities. Please contact Ted Bovey. for additional information.