PELE Center Clinical Services for Children with Autism

The PELE Center is currently providing behavioral services and parent skill training services for young children with autism through the Colorado Autism Medicaid Waiver, CES Waiver and through private pay. We are applying for and hope to be HIMAT approved soon.

The Scientific Basis for PELE Clinical Services

The basic strategies used by PELE clinicians are based upon 30 years of research conducted by Dr. Phil Strain and colleagues on the LEAP Preschool Model of early intervention. The instructional strategies used in LEAP and by PELE clinicians have been validated in dozens of scientific studies, including the largest randomized trial yet conducted of an early intervention model for children with autism (Strain & Bovey, 2011). The results of this "gold standard" study showed that LEAP participants made significant behavioral improvements on measures of language, cognitive, social, problem behavior and autism symptoms.

Strategies used in our Clinical services represent a range of evidence-based practices including:

Naturalistic Teaching Strategies, Behavior Intervention Package, Antecedent Package (Prompting), Modeling, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Peer Training Package, Schedules and Joint Attention.

For More information on PELE Clinical Service please contact Edy Purcell.